Technical consulting

Thanks to the high professional experience in the building industry and to the technical-financial competence, “Grande Costruzioni” will manage and supervise the progress of the operations, meeting the requirements specified in the preliminary or in the final project.

A building company specialized in industrial and commercial construction and restoration, “Grande Costruzioni” operates paying close attention to the customer requirements in order to achieve the best mutual interest.

A constant upgrade of our know-how enables us to offer our customers the best service


A team of specialized experts and the latest technological systems enable “Grande Costruzioni” to solve any problems in the interest of our customers.

Thanks to the experience accrued, our company can deal with customers, institutions, banking and insurance companies, architects, suppliers and subcontractors.

Over this important phase, the technical and practical knowledge of our staff will master the accomplishment of the project meeting the customer requirements and granting correct financial and risk control.


“Grande Costruzioni” organization grounds on a continuous monitoring system. Prior to the start-up of any assigned project, a feasibility study is carried out. The analisys of data and future projections enable us to value the project itself and the real possibility of a successful performance.

Our company is able to act on single parts of any project, following not only the normal standards but its own quality target.

Each step of the project complies with a strict protocol of quality parameters and is controlled over the whole operating period.